Filming a
strange planet with
Werner Herzog

 Producer and making of photographer / 2021
A Film Accelerator produced by La Selva. Ecosistema Creatiu at Lanzarote, Canary Island, Spain.
La Selva’s Film Accelerator program in an intensive creation meeting between a renowned filmmaker and emerging auteurs selected through international open calls.  Thee selected auteurs participate for 11 consecutive days, experiencing all stages of film creation. From the idea to the screening, taking as a starting point a central theme proposed by Werner Herzog and using a database of shared production resources.

Through individual and group advice, participants make of the creation process, an intensive work of reflection and questioning about the consolidation of their auteur point of view about the cinema they want to achieve. As a result, each participant will deliver a short film of their own creation.

The program aims to innovate and make risky films, outcome of the advice of Film Masters and their exchange with new auteurs with urgent ideas, eager for experimentation in forms, formats and production resources

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