Hi. Hello. My name is Melisa Margarita Ramírez (1991) and I’m a costarican audiovisual artist based in Barcelona. I consider myself a multidisciplinary creative working with image/sound and its endless possibilities. I now share my time intermittently between the coordination of SO(M)LAB, color grading ads and films and in my personal documentary and experimental projects on different formats.

Contact ︎︎︎ melisa.margarita@gmail.com
IG ︎︎︎ @melisa_margarita
Comercial photography ︎︎︎ www.taimaestudi.com

Selected clients: CCCB, Filmoteca de Catalunya, Spotify, Fender, Netflix,  Morena Films, Mayo Films, Fourty TV.

Productions, Residencies & Selections:
✳︎ Talk at Webinar VULNERARTS - “Culture also heals and unites”Fundació Carulla - 2023

✳︎ Francesc Candel Awards 2022 - Fundació Carulla, best social cohesion project for SO(M)LAB-Laboratori de sonoritats compartides. Creator and coordinator.

✳︎ Talk at Biennal de Pensament - “Set mirades fílmiques sobre Barcelona”- 2022

✳︎ Residency and installation at Konvent Zero - 1.1 Plants are deceptive” Experimental film - Digital and Hi-8/2022

✳︎ Collective experimental film “DISONAR” - selected at D’A Barcelona Film Festival and Bogota International Documentary Film Festival. Super8 and MiniDv. Produced by CCCB and La Selva. Ecosistema Creatiu - 2022

✳︎ Production and content creator at film workshop Filming a strange planet with Werner Herzog” - Barcelona and Lanzarote, 2021

✳︎ Teacher/Production at “Vivim el Barri” an experimental film workshop for young people living in Raval. Produced by Filmoteca de Catalunya - Barcelona, 2021

✳︎ Teacher/Production at “HORAGAI” an annual film workshop for young inmigrants under guardianship. 4 collective short films premiered at the L'Alternativa film festival. Produced by La Selva. Ecosistema Creatiu - Barcelona, 2020-2022

✳︎ Selection at Acció Curts program from DONES VISUALS  for “Viernes a las 6” documentary shortfilm - Barcelona, 2020

✳︎ Production and content creator at film workshop Lucrecia Martel: The Sound of Summer” - Barcelona, 2019

✳︎ Content creator at film workshop “Filming in Peru with Werner Herzog” - Peruvian Amazon, 2018
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